Why Recycling Is So Important for Sustained Positivity

Why Recycling Is So Important for Sustained Positivity

At Positivity Alkaline Water, we want to be seen as more than just a bottled water brand —- because we are much more than a bottled water brand. Sure, pure, crystal-clear alkaline water is the poster child of everything that we do, but it’s just the beginning.

We’re also interested in creating solid, sustainable closed-loop recycling systems so that you can enjoy your water with complete peace of mind.

Why Closed Loop Systems Are So Important Right Now

Closed-loop recycling systems — also called deposit return systems — are nothing new. They’re that age-old practice where you pay an extra nickel or dime for each bottle that you purchase. Then, when you return them to a recycling center, you get the cash back — and the bottles are recycled and turned into new receptacles.

While it’s easy to focus on the five dollars you get back every time you return a bag of bottles, though, the real emphasis here should be on the recycling itself. Here are a few reasons why:

 Plastic bottles take as much as 400 years to decompose.

 The incredible rate of plastic pollution is a serious problem that the modern world is grappling with. The first PET plastic bottles were patented in 1973, which means even the first bottle ever created still could have three and a half centuries to go before it finishes decomposing.

The point of all of this? The way we handle bottled beverages really, truly matters.

How Positivity Is Addressing the Issue

At Positivity, our number one goal is to provide a positive, healthy bottled water experience. It’s difficult to do that when you know the bottle you’re drinking out of is going to end up floating in the oceans for half a dozen lifetimes.

That’s why we’re actively working toward creating a closed-loop recycling system that allows our water to be enjoyed in a sustainable manner.

 We offer a cash incentive to our Atlanta customers for our bottles to be returned to our local facility, where they’re passed along to be recycled. While this is a good start, though, it isn’t the end goal.

Our vision is to create a system where recycling isn’t spun off in random directions to third-party entities. We’re actively working toward creating a reality where our bottles are used, returned, recycled, and reused all within our own bottled water ecosystem.

This isn’t just a fancy frill. We’re dead set on making this a reality. Why? Because if we won’t stand up against the rampant pollution taking place through the bottled beverage industry here and now, who will?

It’s up to us to make a difference, and we’re doing just that, the Positivity way.

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