Athletes are Turning to Alkaline Water

Athletes are Turning to Alkaline Water

Why Athletes Are Turning to Alkaline Water in Increasing Numbers

We created Positivity Alkaline Water to meet the growing demand for alkaline water. Consumers from various walks of life have turned to alkaline water to help with their various health-related goals.

For example, many who are utilizing an alkaline diet often include alkaline water to round things out. Those looking to restore their pH balance also turn to alkaline water on a regular basis.

One growing group of alkaline drinkers that has caught the public eye of late is athletes. Here are a few reasons those who are athletically inclined are using this powerful form of electrolyte-infused H²O to up their game.

The Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is an area of the health and fitness world that is still very much so in its infancy. Many studies remain inconclusive or vague regarding the specific health benefits that come from alkaline water.

However, there are a few cases where studies have pointed to some distinctly valuable benefits that can come from consuming water with a high pH level. For instance, many believe alkaline water helps with things like digestive health, lowering cholesterol, anti-aging due to superior absorption, and optimal hydration for the body.

These are all beneficial for anyone who drinks a cool glass of Positivity. However, there are also a few interesting studies that help shed a light on why athletes, in particular, are interested in this uplifting way to drink water.

Why Athletes Are Interested in Alkaline Water

Once again, it’s important to stress that the jury is still out when it comes to any kind of consensus on the specific benefits of alkaline water. However, multiple studies are beginning to point to the fact that alkaline water may have some pretty powerful effects on athletic performance.

For instance, one trial by the Journal of the International Society for Sports Nutrition reported several improvements for those who consumed a mineral-rich alkalizing bottled water, much like what we bottle at Positivity Alkaline Water.

These benefits included improved acid balance and hydration status. The report even states that “These results indicate that the habitual consumption of AK water may be a valuable nutritional vector for influencing both acid-base balance and hydration status in healthy adults.”

 Another study showed that alkaline water can help those engaging in high-intensity combat sports. The results indicated that consuming alkalized water “enhances hydration, improves acid-base balance and anaerobic exercise performance.”

 Now, again, these reports are just a few ripples in an area of science that is still in the early stages of discovery. However, they point toward positive signs regarding how important alkaline water can be to maintaining a balanced and hydrated body.

 As subtle as it may seem, these under-the-surface benefits can be a difference-maker for an athlete. And it should also be pointed out that all of these advantages come from a substance that is not considered illegal based on the U.S. and World anti-doping agencies. This is a huge factor for any athlete looking to maintain an edge without disqualifying themselves in the process.

Alkaline Is Setting the Tone for Modern Hydration

Water has always been a critical part of life. However, in our modern, science-driven world, it isn’t just water but the right kind of water that stands out.

 Based on the mounting evidence, alkaline water is positioned to continue to soak up the spotlight wherever hydration and pH balance are concerned. This applies to everyone from those on alkaline diets to fitness fanatics, athletes, and beyond.

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