Pure, Crystal Clear Alkaline Water

Pure, Crystal Clear Alkaline Water

Positivity Is All About Pure, Crystal Clear Alkaline Water

Water is one of the building blocks of life. Two decades into the 21st century, everyone is aware of the importance of drinking plenty of water. 

The thing is, you don’t want to ingest any water you find. You want clean, clear water that has been properly filtered. At Positivity Alkaline Water we don’t just specialize in manufacturing water with a high pH level and plenty of electrolytes. We also pride ourselves on having water that is as clean as possible. 

This isn’t wishful thinking or empty marketing slogans, either. We actually did the math to make sure our water really is the best in town.

Understanding Total Dissolved Solid Count

One of the best ways to ensure that water is clean and ready to drink is by observing its total dissolved solids or TDS. This is the number of inorganic salts and other organic matter that is in the water itself.  

While there is always some of this present, the goal is to have as low a TDS number as possible. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most common elements that contribute to TDS are: 

  • Calcium; 
  • Magnesium; 
  • Sodium; 
  • Potassium cations; 
  • Potassium carbonate; 
  • Hydrogencarbonate; 
  • Chloride; 
  • Sulfate; 
  • Nitrate anions. 

    The presence of these and similar constituents add up to equal the TDS measured in water.

    What Is a Good TDS Level in Water?

    If the TDS of water is high enough it can impact the flavor of the water. WHO breaks the palatability of water down into a few different categories: 

    • Excellent palatability: Under 300 mg/liter; 
    • Good palatability: 300 to 600 mg/liter; 
    • Fair palatability: 600 to 900 mg/liter; 
    • Poor palatability: 900 to 1200 mg/liter;
    • Unacceptable palatability: Above 1200 mg/liter. 

    Naturally, the lower the TDS, the cleaner and better the drinking experience. The only question is, what is Positivity’s TDS? 

    What Is Positivity’s TDS? 

    At Positivity Alkaline Water we take TDS very seriously. We don’t want to offer a low-quality product dressed up with a fancy selling point. 

    Instead, we bend over backward to make sure that our main ingredient — water — is as pure as possible before we add the minerals that make it pH positive and electrolyte-friendly. 

    In pursuit of this objective, we put our water through a manufacturing and purifying process that gives it a TDS of 32. That’s right. It isn’t in the thousands or even in the low hundreds. It’s just 32. That’s it. 

    This isn’t a random number we pulled out of thin air, either.  

    As a bottled water brand, we’re required to test our water regularly. This gives us a nifty manufacturer report that contains the above-referenced results. You can even read the report right on our website if you’re interested in taking a closer look. You can find the TDS level in the middle of the 5th page. 

    As a final note, water that has a TDS level that low can often be flat, which is why we don’t stop with serving up extremely pure water. We infuse it with electrolytes and other minerals that boost the pH level to 9.5+, giving the product an incredible, lush, satisfying taste. 

    Always Choose Quality When Hydrating 

    So, the next time you go to reach for a beverage, don’t settle for any water you can find. Remember that even within the bottled water industry, there’s a wide disparity in quality.  

    Look for a brand like Positivity Alkaline Water to ensure that you aren’t just hitting that pH balance and loading up on electrolytes. You also want to make sure that you’re getting your water from a company that cares about offering you quality H²O in each and every drop that you drink. 

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