More than alkaline water

More than alkaline water

Positivity is more than alkaline water.
It’s about cultivating a winning mindset.

Alkaline water is a great health and hydration tool. At Positivity Alkaline Water, though, we’re interested in more than just delivering the highest quality, pH positive H²O. We also want to enable water drinkers to tap into an experience that is uplifting, energizing, and exciting. 

Tapping Into the Stream of Positivity

Positivity Alkaline Water is on a mission to revolutionize the beverage industry. This starts with our customers. When someone buys a pack of our water bottles, we don’t just want them to drink, dispose, and move on with their lives. We’re equipping them for success by giving them access to a host of benefits, like: 

  • Finding refreshment: Our water is infused with electrolytes that nourish and strengthen. Every sip can breathe new life into your mind and body. 
  • Jumpstarting restoration: Our alkaline water is sourced from the Smoky Mountains and enhanced to a robust 9.5+ pH level. This helps restore the pH balance of the body. 
  • Finding renewal: Our goal is to go beyond the physical benefits of alkaline water. We also want to help renew your outlook on life by partnering with you throughout your health journey. 

The focus here is to support you as a whole. Water is one of the most essential building blocks of life. That means your water shouldn’t be an afterthought.  

But the mindset shouldn’t stop there. As you build up from the basics, your thoughts and emotions should also be given the red carpet treatment.

Going Beyond the Bottle

Instead of blandly tending to a basic need, Positivity Alkaline Water lets you treat your body to an exceptional experience. Our water is the only alkaline water option that is literally named after and associated with a state of being.  

We want to cultivate a positive mindset throughout our customer’s drinking activities. We want our water to not only taste good but to restore health and fuel ambition. We want it to be an open and honest challenge to focus on what matters and maintain a healthy outlook on life. 

In the words of our founder, David M. Walker, “We believe that if integrity was bottled it would taste like water and if you are what you drink, then think positive and drink Positivity.” This message of uplifting hope has been at the heart of the brand from its inception.

The Origin of the Positivity Name

Positivity Alkaline Water has a pair of inspiring factors behind it. On the one hand, there’s the obvious factor that consuming pH positive water can create a difference in your body. It can restore pH levels and bring a sense of holistic wellness. 

On the other hand, founder David Walker is also intensely interested in getting the message of positivity across to others. This started with his four daughters. Along with things like integrity and honesty, Walker also wanted his children to understand the importance of being positive. 

As he observed others who were drinking alkaline water, the forward-thinking entrepreneur noticed how often the activity went along with a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life. The name Positivity Alkaline Water followed, and the rest is history.

Tapping Into the Positive Spirit

So, the next time you’re looking for a grab-n-go beverage, think deeper than your immediate cravings. What does your body need? What drink will help you focus and stay fueled throughout your day? 

If you take the time to make a purposeful decision, we’re willing to bet that you’ll find yourself coming back to alkaline water again and again. As we always like to put it, if you’re thirsty, #ThinkPositive #DrinkPositivity.

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