Integrity in a Bottle

Integrity in a Bottle

Positivity Water Is Integrity in a Bottle

At Positivity Alkaline Water, we believe that if integrity were bottled, it would taste like water. Pure, delicious, smooth, and sweet, water carries with it all the attributes that make it a genuinely honest beverage.

At least, water can be all these things. The differentiating factor has to do with the way the water is delivered to you.

Here are a few of the ways that we believe Positivity Alkaline Water goes above and beyond to maintain the integrity of your water.

Water Needs to Be Natural

The first step in offering a pure, clean water beverage is ensuring that it’s as natural as possible. That’s why we take great care to start with water that is clean and minimally processed.

Our water starts its journey by being collected as natural spring water in the nearby Smoky Mountains. From there, the precious liquid is purified using reverse osmosis and bottled with added minerals (more on that in a minute) to boost its alkaline level, but otherwise tamper with the precious liquid as little as possible from brook to bottle.

Water Needs to Nourish You

Along with being clean, a good water experience needs to be nourishing. That’s why our motto at Positivity Alkaline Water is to “refresh, restore, renew.”

This revolves around the alkaline level of our beverages. When the natural spring water first arrives, it’s already at a healthy 8+ pH level. From there, we infuse each drop with positive electrolytes. This brings the pH level up to a robust 9.5+, allowing each sip to help restore your body’s pH balance.

In addition, many believe that alkaline water provides a variety of other benefits. These include digestive health, immune system support, anti-aging properties, and of course, better hydration.

Water Needs to Be Available and Convenient

Thirst is not a good way to tell if you’re well hydrated. On the contrary, if you’re thirsty, there’s a good chance that you’re already dehydrated.

That’s why it’s recommended that you proactively stay hydrated before you get thirsty. The problem that often arises is the inconvenience of stopping to pour yourself a cup of water every half hour.

We address this concern with our grab-n-go bottles, which come complete with recyclable sports caps. Each bottle delivers a respectable 23.6 fluid ounces of delicious alkaline water, which is 20-25% of the recommended daily water intake.

Water Needs to Be an Uplifting Experience

Making sure water is clean, nourishing, and available are all important practical aspects. But we believe the best drinking experiences go even further than these basics.

We’re convinced that, when approached the right way, drinking quality water can not only hydrate you, it can help you think more positively.

In pursuit of this end, we’ve embraced an empowering approach to our business philosophy. We aim to provide closed-loop manufacturing systems that bolster local communities. We also are working toward ever-higher recycling and sustainability standards. This enables our customers to feel peace of mind every time they crack a seal.

Positivity Serving Integrity in a Bottle

So, the next time you look for a drink, think of the complete picture of what you’re doing. Don’t reach for that sugary, preservative-filled beverage. Instead, look for a water option that leaves you feeling honestly satisfied.

Positivity Alkaline Water is a source of hydration that is tailored to meet this need on every level. From its natural roots to its nourishing electrolytes to its ease of access and selfless sustainability, our water products are designed to serve up integrity in every bottle.

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